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Bellamy’s Clutch Suggested Reading

for New Dominants & Tops as well as submissives & bottoms looking to become more knowledgeable about BDSM. These books can be found online and where appropriate we have provided a link to it. 


Note: 50 Shades of Grey by author E. L. James is complete shit. It’s a whimsical tale of copycat fiction that should not be used for any guide of BDSM. No one should be using this book to form a basis of their own BDSM ethos and experiences. Don’t… Just Don’t. 


The Holy Bible, King James Version, 1611 

Frankly, you probably do need some Jesus if you are even on this site. But if you are the few who did not have the awesome experience growing up with Sunday school classes and the goodness and dirtiness of the Bible.. It’s worth a read. Particularly punishments of the Old Testament. 


The Better Built Bondage Book

Douglas Kent, 2007

This is a great DIY book filled with illustrations and diagrams to start creating your own BDSM equipment from home. We really like the near step by step guide to making basic BDSM toys with materials that can be found at any hardware store. 


Screw the Roses, Send Me the Thorns, The Romance and sexual sorcery of sadomasochism

Philip Miller and Molly Devon, 1995

This old school text covers a variety of dynamics which is great for the beginner Dominant coming into the scene. Some parts of it are even comical as it takes a relaxed approach to exploring BDSM. 


The Seductive Art of Japanese Bondage

Midori, 2001

For Dominants looking to get into their first rope scenes, this is a great book. You’ll get a review of the history of Japanese bondage and it is a good reference as you explore. 


The Virgin and the Beast
Stasia Black 



Dark Eros

Thomas Moore



Philosophy In the Bedroom

Marquis De Sade 

Anything by De Sade is worth a read. Afterall, he's where the term sadomasochism originated. Other works works include: Juliette(1799), Justine (1791), The 120 Days of Sodom(1785).


Gor series

John Norman



Sex Disasters and How to Survive Them 

Charles Moser & Janet Hardy



Erotic Bondage HandBook

Jay Wiseman


Lessons In Service from Charlie Trotter

Edmund Lawler & Charlie Trotter

This book is good for the more service-minded submissive. 



Jay Wiseman


Histoire d’O

Anne Desclos/Pauline Réage

This popular work is about a woman who is forced for become a sex slave and later coerces other women into slavery as well.

The Sleeping Beauty Quartet 

Anne Rice, 1999-

This is the classic tale of Sleeping Beauty, but with an erotic twist. She becomes enslaved to her savior and must learn to submit and serve him and others.




The Secretary 


Black Snake Moan

History of O


The Night Porter

The Girl Next Door (Warning)

Blue Velvet

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