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MODEL FAQ & Expectations

Here we have listed some of our frequent questions to help you in your decision making process. Please do not hesitate to ask any further questions which you need clarity on. It would help us too!

Our Expectations of Work

  • Model will bring a valid government issued ID as proof of age.

  • Arrive on time and ready for work. This means sober and having already ate. We like to jump directly into shooting content.

  • Be clear and concise on your limitations and comfort. Don’t be a hero.

  • Express yourself to the best of your ability.

  • Be in the right mindset to create. If you are not, please reschedule. 


  • Professionalism. Our time and your time are equally important. This means: Being on time, Knowing what the conversation is about, and being prepared to work... To that belief, we will immediately and politely end our business with you if we feel like you are less than committed. 


Pre-shoot Model questionnaire must be completed before any work begins.


What is Bellamy’s Clutch? Bellamy’s Clutch is a fetish and alternative culture brand started by The Man From Bellamy in 2014. We cover all types of media. If it’s sexy, we’ve done it.


Where can I find your content? Online and some of our content is privately commissioned not for distribution. You can find us on Fetlife, Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, xvideos and our website


Let's talk about consent.  We strive to promote a safe, sane, and consensual environment. During the course of producing content there will constantly be communication between you--the model, photographer/videographer, and the creative director. As content is being made we will be looking for your CLEAR AND RESOUNDING consent. Anything less will be considered a NO. Do not be a hero. Once a theme, scene, etc. is rejected, we will move on without skipping a beat and the theme or scene will not be brought up again unless initiated by the model for consideration.


How long will it take? A typical shoot is 3-4 hours.

Who will be at the shoot? Generally, our team will be one photographer/videographer and a creative assistant. We may schedule multiple models during one shoot. 


How should I do my hair/make up? Unless we are working on a specific look, please go for what you feel makes you look the best. Please arrive with your hair/make up ready so we can go directly to work.


What should I wear? Generally we prefer to shoot nude. But! We also love shooting matching undergarment sets, sexy shoes, fetish attire/accessories, so bring everything! Please wear discrete clothing to our shoot locations.

How will I be paid? Cash or cashapp.

Will you conceal my face or hide my tattoos? No. Understand that we make no promises or efforts to safeguard your identity other than using your chosen pseudonym in relation to your content. If you have something to hide from your family, friends, or coworkers, you should not shoot with us. Understand that your mom is going to recognize you even with a mask and tattoo concealer on. We will not remove or take down content because your child's father or child's mother has seen it. 

Must I provide my full legal name? Yes. In compliance with 18 US Code §2257, specific records must be kept of every model and performer. We must keep a record of every performer's name, date of birth, and contact information. 

Will food be provided? No. We do have water and soft drinks.

Can I bring a friend?  Yes. Understanding that they will be immediately tasked as a volunteer helper which will be held to all of the same expectations of you, the model. You are ultimately responsible for them. If your friend is a dick or causes a problem, the shoot will end and no payment will be made.


I’m a paid model. Will I have access to the content taken? At our convenience, the model will have access to our edited and watermarked published pictures. Generally the entire shoot will be uploaded and accessible by the model for a period of 30 days. Due to storage, bandwidth, and work load limitations we periodically purge old data. The model may use our photos for their personal portfolio as long as the photo remains watermarked and/or credit is given. Please note that you only have access to published pictures, not all of the pictures from the shoot. We don't always use every photograph taken. If we edited/cropped a picture, the model can request the full sized image and we will do our best to accommodate, but there is no guarantees.


I’m commissioning Bellamy’s Clutch to produce content. When will I have access to it? 48 hours for raw content. If you are wishing for us to retouch photos, then two weeks or more depending on the complexity and media.

How do I set up a shoot?  To schedule a photography shoot please fill out the model survey and we will contact you. A phone call will be required to get and hold any spot on the schedule, also another phone call will be required the day of the photo shoot to confirm your arrival that day. 

What if my schedule changes? Once a shoot date & time are set, the model may cancel or reschedule the shoot with a minimum of 24 hours prior notice without consequence.

What is your late policy? A model will be considered late 30 minutes after the agreed upon time. $100 will be deducted from pay. After one hour, if the model still has not arrived, we will pack up and leave and will NOT be rescheduling. No payments will be made to the model. 

Where are your studios? Flatiron/Gramercy Park area of Manhattan and in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. Our exact address is private to people who work with us for our and the models' safety and privacy.

Do you provide transportation? No, we do not provide transportation to our studio from your place of stay. We consider paying travel expenses for models outside of the tri-state area. See below.

Do you pay for travel expenses? Bellamy's Clutch will reimburse models who travel from outside the tristate area for travel expenses AFTER the shoot in addition to the model's pay.  We will only pay the BASE price for your roundtrip travel. For example, if the model flies to us, we do not pay for seat upgrades like extra room or first class, overweight luggage, an additional guest, etc. Bellamy's Clutch also will not pay for taxis, Ubers, room and board, food, etc. Once the model is accepted for a shoot, the model will be responsible for finding their ticket for transportation and will email us a copy of the proposed ticket with the price. The amount MUST be approved by Bellamy's Clutch. Do NOT buy a ticket and then ask us if the price is reimbursable, because IT MAY NOT BE. Once approved, we will acknowledge the agreed upon reimbursement in writing. The model must bring their used ticket with receipt to the photoshoot and we will pay them the additional cash along with their payment at the conclusion of the shoot. We will only pay for the agreed upon price. Models will not be held liable for any delays in travel due to the airline/train/bus company. If there is a price increase due to a change in travel outside of the model's control, we will accommodate that change on a case by case basis. All correspondence with the company and the model must be documented to receive the price change. However, if a model misses their transportation due to their own accord, they will not be reimbursed. If a model shows up to the shoot late, tries to leave early, or comes intoxicated, you put your travel expense reimbursement at risk. 

Have additional questions? Email us 

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