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Diatribe of the Politically Incorrect sucker punch.

No. It does not make sense.

You are either the fucker or the fucked.

Predator or prey.

The have or the have not.

There is no mystical la la land middle ground of candy-canes and bullshit.

That is the dull dribble drabble that is shoveled at you by social justice vomiters who want to make you believe that there is some fairy-tale world out there where you can be blissfully dumb and constantly unaware... And no one will viciously take advantage of your stupidity by means of theft, rape, and murder.

The only thing stopping you fucked from being victimized by these means are the other fuckers. What LTC Grossman called "The sheepdogs" ... I would not put my trust in some yahoo that can't make up their fucking mind on where they want to be in the pecking order. Or someone who would just suddenly decide they don't want to be in charge anymore.

There is no such thing as a switch.

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